Quarantine Isolation Statutes

TexasHealth and Safety Code§§ 122.005, 122.006

A home-rule municipality may adopt rules to protect the health of persons in the municipality, including quarantine rules to protect the residents against communicable disease.

TexasHealth and Safety Code§ 81.001 et seq.

Authority. The executive commissioner is responsible for the general statewide administration of the control and prevention of communicable disease in the state. The commissioner may impose an area quarantine, if he or she has reasonable cause to believe that individuals or property in the area may be infected or contaminated with a communicable disease, for the period necessary to determine whether an outbreak of communicable disease has occurred. A health authority may impose a quarantine only within the boundaries of the health authority's jurisdiction. The department, or the local health department having jurisdiction over the location where an individual who is subject to supervision is found, may issue an order for the individual's temporary involuntary treatment, quarantineor isolation.

TexasHealth and Safety Code§ 81.083; § 81.085

Police Power & Limitations. The state, a county or a hospital district shall pay for medical expenses if an individual is indigent and cannot pay and if that individual is not eligible for benefits under an insurance contract. In addition to the rights of an individual described in Subsections (1) and (2), an individual subject to an order of restriction may not be terminated from employment if the reason for termination is based solely on the fact that the individual is or was subject to an order of restriction.

TexasHealth and Safety Code§ 81.085 (h)

Penalties. A person commits an offense if the person knowingly fails or refuses to obey a rule, orderor instruction of the department or an order or instruction of a health authority issued under a department rule and published during an area quarantine under this section. An offense under this subsection is a felony of the third degree.